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Why Peels are the best skin treatments to have in Autumn!

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 16 March 2023

Has the cooler weather got you feeling down? While the change in season can mean an excuse to let things slide a little, we think it’s time for a little celebration. Because, for us skin specialists, Autumn means it’s peel season. We’re not talking about apple peels (although we’re quite partial to a warm apple pie), but rather Clinical Peels. See, the colder weather can really impact your skin. You may have noticed some light flaking, especially on the cheeks and forehead. Not to mention feeling of dry tightness that no amount of moisturiser seems to fix.

Here’s why we love Peels in Autumn

For one, the weather is just right for it. After a peel, you have to avoid direct sunlight and excessive sweating which, let’s face it, is hard when the warm summer sun is calling your name. No such problem in Autumn, however. The cool air and overcast sky makes the recovery period a breeze. In addition, a clinical peel can help turn back the clock on damage, like pigmentation, caused by the summer sun. It’s the perfect solution to dry, undernourished and flaky skin.

How do Peels work?

If you’ve never had a clinical peel before, your only reference might be that episode in Sex and the City when Samantha got an awful peel that made it look like her face was melting off. Happily we can report that the clinical peels at MySkin Clinics will not have that effect. Our ingredients are specially formulated to provide noticeable results with minimal downtime. Clinical Peels vary in strength and we have a selection of specially-formulated, medical-grade peels from Cosmedix, Aspect DR and Environ to suit any skin type and concerns.

Clinical Peels utilise chemical exfoliating ingredients to remove dead skin cells, without scrubbing or rubbing. The peel is applied to the face and neck and allowed to work for up to 15 minutes before being deactivated and wiped away, revealing clean, unblocked and freshly hydrated skin. As well as removing dead skin cells, clinical peels also stimulate the growth of new skin cells and boost collagen production. For best results, it’s recommended to have a series of peels two to six weeks apart. Each subsequent treatment will allow the chemicals to penetrate deeper, giving you more noticeable results.

Medical-grade peels contain stronger active ingredients compared to at home treatments, making them far more effective, but also meaning they should only be applied by a qualified skin therapist. Before any peel treatment, our skin therapist will examine your skin and chat with you about your concerns, before recommending the right clinical peel for you.

To give you an idea about what results are possible, here are a few of the in-clinic peels we offer at MySkin Clinics and the solutions they provide:

Purify My Skin Cool Peel


Pro Power Peel – NEW

A unique three step peel system that contains a powerful blend of active ingredients including Kojic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Retinol and Emblica that work synergistically to deliver improved skin texture, clarity and visibly brighter skin. Benefits of Pro Power Peel: Brightening, treats thickened photo-damaged skin, reduces pigmentation, treats melasma, fades dark spots and improves uneven skin texture.

Pigment Peel – NEW

Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Tyrostat™-11 the Pigment Peel is ideal for dull, ageing skin types looking to restore radiant, youthful-looking skin. A deep exfoliating action paired with the illuminating properties of Vitamin C helps to reduce the appearance of dark pigmented areas and dull skin for a smooth, even complexion. Suitable for oily, ageing skin and pigmentation.

Blueberry Exfoliating Peel

A mixture of blueberry extracts, fruit enzymes and lactic acid to mechanically and chemically exfoliate the skin. Resulting in clearer, smoother, more hydrated skin.

Antioxidant Therapy Peel

A cocktail of Pomegranate extracts, multi-fruit complex and lactic acid to exfoliate, brighten and revitalise your skin.

Brightening Peel

The Super C benefit peel. Assisting in refining the skin, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, while calming and nourishing the natural skin barrier.

Detox Peel

Actively decongests and declogs pores to improve the purity of the skin. Ideal for oily and blemish-prone skin.

Acne Fighter Peel

Designed to breakdown the bacteria and congestion associated with acne while reducing inflammation and redness in the skin.

Turn Back Time Peel

The Timeless Super Peel! With high levels of retinol and lactic acid – this peel is designed to work on the signs of ageing to improve skin the appearance and condition of your skin.

Hydrabotanical Peel

A blend of lactic acid and willow herb extract to actively exfoliate the superficial levels of the skin while restoring moisture leaving your skin calm, smooth and hydrated.

Age Defying Cool Peel

The LACM Cool Peel complex containing lactic acid aims to exfoliate, resurface and normalise the skin without the sensitivity and discomfort sometimes felt with other peels.

Purify me Peel

Calming LACPAM cool peel that is aimed to normalise the skin, reduce stubborn breakouts and congested areas while calming and healing the skin.

Kick start your Autumn skincare regime and contact us now for your complimentary consultation to find out what clinical peel is right for you.

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