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7 Skincare Tips Everyone Should Try

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2020

#1 – Get professional advice

Following beauty vloggers on YouTube and reading articles online is a great way to get general advice, ideas and inspiration for better skin but, like many things, there’s no substitute for professional advice.

You wouldn’t trust Google to diagnose a medical issue, or go to an Instagram influencer for financial advice, but sometimes we base our skincare regimen and products on the latest trends.

And while we’re all for following what’s new in the world of skincare, the best thing you can do for your skin is to get personalised, tailored advice from a specialist.

A skin therapist can assess your skin and work with you to come up with a skin care regimen that fits your lifestyle and goals. And no, that doesn’t have to mean weekly treatments and expensive products. In fact, a skincare consultation may help you save money by avoiding buying that fancy new product that actually isn’t going to make much difference to your skin.

MySkin offers complimentary consultations to help you chat about your particular needs, concerns and budget.


#2 – Focus on consistency

Think of treating your skin like going to the gym – one workout isn’t going to give you the body you want. Instead, you need to exercise regularly to really see results.

Your skin care is the same. It’s easy to be all motivated to look after your skin well in the lead up to a big event or right after starting a new regimen. But the real results come from the regular things you do.

Little things like always removing your makeup and cleansing before bed, applying sunscreen every day, and moisturising regularly will make all the difference to the health of your skin.

And just like you book in to see a PT to keep your fitness on track, regular professional treatments can also help you maximise the results you achieve from your at-home skin care. Even scheduling an appointment every 6-8 weeks will help you see lasting results.

Consider taking advantage of package deals that allow you to pay for 6-12 treatments up front to score a great discount. Plus, knowing you’ve committed to great skin all year will also keep you motivated.

 #3 – Minimise your skincare

Minimalism might just be the word of the year for 2019 (thanks to Marie Kondo), and the same goes for your skincare regimen.

If your bathroom shelves rival that of Sephora, it’s time to strip things back. Using too many products can be just as counter-productive as using too few.

Get a professional to help you refine your regimen (see tip #1), then try to avoid jumping on every new skincare trend. The key is to get products that work for your skin and use them consistently.


#4 – Treat your neck like your face

Does your skincare regimen tend to stop at your chin? In reality, you should treat your neck and décolletage in the same way as your face – after all, these areas are usually always on display and there’s nothing more ageing than dull, dry and wrinkly skin on the neck and chest.

You should use the same products that you use on your face all the way down to your décolletage. And look after your skin the same way – apply plenty of sunscreen and wear a broad hat for added protection from the sun.

#5 – Exfoliate regularly

Dead skin cells can quickly build up on the surface of your skin, leaving your complexion looking dull. Regular exfoliation helps to remove this build up for smoother-looking, softer-feeling skin.

But not all exfoliants are created equal. While you may have got away with a physical scrub in your 20s, as your skin ages it becomes more sensitive and it requires something gentler but just as effective.

Clinical exfoliants are key to remove dead skins cells gently while being effective. Use 2-3 times a week for best results, and follow up with a professional treatment such as microdermabrasion or Dermablading for even better exfoliation.


#6 – Know the one-minute rule

Even if you’re making a conscious effort to follow your skin care regimen on the daily, a busy schedule can often mean we rush through it in order to get out the door.

But hurrying your skincare application may make it less effective. The key is to allow one minute between the application of your products, to give them time to soak into the skin. This includes your serums, moisturiser, sunscreen, primer and foundation. Use the time in between applications for other beauty tasks like brushing your teeth, curling your hair and curling your lashes to cut down on the total time spent in the bathroom.


#7 – Use SPF every day

Think back to 2018 – can you honestly say you applied sunscreen every day (aside from those days you spent inside binge-watching Stranger Things)? If you don’t follow any other skincare tips this year, make wearing sunscreen daily the one thing you do.

We get that it isn’t always easy to remember to apply the SPF. Look for a great tinted sunscreen for the days you just want to run some errands (and can’t be bothered doing a full face). A zinc-based sunscreen is great for long-lasting protection, while an SPF foundation works perfectly for when you don’t want to redo your whole face after being out in the sun.

Just find whatever works for you and use it.

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