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8 Tips for Healthy Skin This Summer

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2020

With the summer in full swing, it’s high time to hit the beach and enjoy some outdoor living. However, it’s worth spending a little time considering your summer beauty regime. In summer just 15 minutes in the midday sun can damage your skin. Do that every day and your risk premature aging, sagging skin or even melanoma.

Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to protect your skin and reverse the affects of too much sun. Read on for our tips to get healthy, glowing summer skin.

Layer on the sunscreen

Everyone knows how vital sunscreen is, especially during the baking heat of an Australian summer.

But we also know how easy it is to dismiss the need for sunscreen on those short errands, like popping out to grab a coffee from the nearby cafe or walking around the block on your lunch break.

Get in the habit of applying sunscreen to your face and exposed skin every morning. If you hate that greasy feel of sunscreen, there are plenty of light-weight face-specific sunscreens about, or look for makeup that also provides SPF protection. And don’t forget to reapply; carry a small spray sunscreen in your bag for easy application throughout the day.

Love your lips

The skin on your lips is even more susceptible to sun damage as it doesn’t have the same protective outer layer as the rest of your body. During summer, protect your lips from sun damage by wearing a lipstick –  preferably one with SPF – and reapply before heading outside and after eating, drinking or kissing (ooh lala!).

Casting shade

The best protection for your skin is avoiding the sun’s direct rays entirely. But sun safe doesn’t have to mean daggy hats and lycra tops. A gorgeous hat, summer parasol and floaty top provides just the right amount of sun protection while still looking stylish.

Water, water everywhere

The key to healthy, summer skin is staying hydrated. Stock up on nourishing fruits and greens with a high water content – we love watermelon and watercress (great in salads!) for their hydration and quintessential summer vibe.

If you’re having trouble drinking enough plain water, make it interesting by adding a handful of frozen berries, citrus slices or edible flowers encased in ice blocks to your carafe or water bottle. Keep it on your desk so you’re reminded to drink throughout the day.

Smooth it out

Glowing skin comes from within, but dry, flaky and dead skin will dull your glow. While a daily facial might not be on the cards, regular exfoliation combined with the occasional microdermabrasion treatment will have your skin glowing all summer long.

We also love body brushing for its ability to ‘wake up’ the skin while sloughing away the dull top layer. Use a natural body brush before you shower each morning for tan-tastic pins.

Switch up your skincare

Revive your skincare regime and up the moisture to keep your skin looking fresh through summer. If you’re prone to oiliness in the warmer weather, specialist skincare can balance your complexion and help you avoid breakouts.

Keep it natural

Summer calls for loose clothing, outdoor living and a natural edge. And the natural looks goes for your makeup too.

Get coverage without the ‘made up’ look by using a mineral foundation. The mineral particles reflect light to give you a natural summer glow, while the lightweight formulation allows your skin to breathe.

Sweat it out

We all know the physical benefits of exercise. But did you know your regular sweat-sesh is also great for your skin? Sweating opens up the pores in your skin, allowing impurities to come to the surface. Sweating also protects your skin from bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus by secreting an antibiotic called Dermcidin.

For specific summer skin concerns, book in for an appointment with an expert aesthetician. MySkin clinics offer complimentary consultations and can provide expert advice on a range of skin care and beauty treatments and products.

To book your consultation with a MySkin Clinics aesthetician, get in touch with us today.

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