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All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2021

A bright, white smile isn’t just for celebrities. We all deserve to feel confident every time we smile, laugh or talk. If you’ve been wanting a brighter smile, teeth whitening could be the answer. The latest treatment from MySkin Clinics can help brighten your teeth by up to six shades in less than an hour. But what’s involved and what results can you expect? In this article, we’re sharing everything you need to know about Teeth Whitening.

What causes tooth staining?

There are a number of causes of tooth discolouration. As we age, the teeth’s protective surface begins to wear away, which can make the teeth more susceptible to damage. Along with lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking coffee, and eating certain foods, this can cause yellowing and staining that’s difficult to remove by brushing and flossing alone. Teeth discolouration can also be caused by dental disease or health issues. If you’re at all concerned about your teeth, chat with your dentist. But if you just have slight yellowing and staining, then you’re likely a good candidate for teeth whitening.

How white should my teeth be?

Tooth colour is pretty subjective and what one person sees as white might appear yellow to someone else. Factors like skin complexion and overall dental shape can also make teeth appear whiter or darker. Teeth whitening is about giving you the confidence to smile, laugh and talk without worrying about your teeth. You might only want to go a few shades lighter, whereas someone else might want a more dramatic lift to really brighten their smile. The beauty therapists at MySkin Clinics can chat with you about your goals and give you a realistic guide to what you can expect and how many treatments it might take to get your teeth to the shade you want.

Teeth Whitening Express

How does Teeth Whitening work?

Teeth Whitening is a simple, straightforward treatment that takes less than an hour to complete. After applying a clear whitening gel is applied, an LED light is directed at your teeth for up to 40 minutes. The light activates the whitening gel and gently lifts yellowing and discolouration. After just one treatment you can expect your teeth to be 2-6 shades whiter.

How long does Teeth Whitening last?

With Teeth Whitening, you’ll have a noticeably brighter, whiter smile after just one treatment. The results aren’t permanent, but they can last anywhere from six months up to a year or more. But to maintain your smile, we recommend a touch-up treatment every three months. The biggest factor in keeping your teeth white is maintenance. Along with regular teeth whitening treatments, avoiding coffee, red wine and certain foods will help keep your smile bright.

Does Teeth Whitening hurt?

Teeth Whitening is non-invasive and most people won’t feel anything during the treatment. For a small number of people, the whitening gel can cause sensitivity when eating very hot or very cold food, but this tends to be only temporary.

Is Teeth Whitening right for me?

Teeth Whitening is a pretty straightforward treatment, but there are some people that may be more suitable than others. Generally, if you have yellow staining as a result of food, drink and lifestyle factors, then you can expect to see results. We definitely recommend visiting your dentist before having your teeth whitened for a check-up and to make sure you don’t have any underlying issues with your teeth and gums. Any concerns related to decay and gum disease should be sorted before your teeth whitening treatment.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs At-home kits

It’s likely you’ve seen a few options for at-home teeth whitening popping up in your social feeds. These might include whitening strips, trays and hand-held LED lights.

Generally speaking, while you may be able to achieve results of 1-2 shades lighter with an at-home option, you’re unlikely to see the dramatic results of professional Teeth Whitening. This is because at-home kits contain a much lower concentration of active ingredients and the LED lights aren’t as strong as those in a professional environment. To get your brightest smile, book a free consultation at you nearest MySkin Clinic today!