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Skincare Guide During Pregnancy

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2023

When you’re pregnant, not only does your body go through an amazing physical transformation, but all those hormones can cause a multitude of changes to your complexion too.

It’s only natural to crave a bit of pampering and relaxation during this time. Feeling and looking good is an important part of keeping your stress levels in check. But evaluating all the treatments available to decide what’s suitable for your pregnant self can be overwhelming for even the most chilled out mama-to-be.

With the changes going on in your body – and the impact on your skin – a facial can be a wonderful way to freshen your complexion, reduce puffiness and redness and, of course, destress.

Generally speaking, deep skin treatments like chemical peels, laser facials and targeted ingredients are out. However, MySkin Clinics offer a variety of skincare treatments suitable for pregnancy.

Comfort Calm Facial

The Comfort Calm facial assists in relieving irritated and sensitive skin by infusing a cocktail of calming active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. The gentle serums reduce redness and restore a healthy, glowing complexion.

Ultimate Glow Getter Facial

This Signature Facial combines a cocktail of blueberry extracts and lactic acid to mechanically exfoliate the skin. Our expert Skin Therapists will gently apply a deluxe antioxidant peel and finish your treatment with LED light therapy for a healthy, radiant, long-lasting glow.


As hard as it is to find clinical treatments suitable for pregnancy, it’s even more difficult to navigate which skincare you can use at home during this time.

It’s essential you assess your skincare products as soon as you know you’re pregnant (or are actively trying) to ensure they’re still safe to use. One ingredient to look out for is retinol – a type of vitamin A that helps prevent collagen breakdown. Studies have shown excessive vitamin A can be harmful to the unborn child, so that’s a hard no on this type of product.

Instead, keep your skin nourished with Aspect Dr moisturising cream with Resveratrol Cream. The main ingredients are grape skin extracts and peptides, and it will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. If you’re experiencing excess oil production and breakouts, the Aspect Dr Deep Clean Cleanser will help to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.

Of course, if you’re looking to refresh your skincare regime during pregnancy, our qualified and friendly team at MySkin Clinics can help you tailor a suite of products to suit your specific concerns.

Book a complimentary consultation.

Some final notes on Pregnancy and Skincare

It’s essential you let your skin therapist know if you are pregnant (even if you’re waiting to share the news with friends and family) so they can tailor your treatment and can be avoid any potentially harmful ingredients.We recommend checking with your GP before commencing treatments.

Looking for a pampering treat during your pregnancy? Call our friendly team to book in for a tailored treatment.

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