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Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2020

When it comes to make-up and personal grooming, we take eyebrows seriously. Using the precision of tweezers, we pluck away at our eyebrow hair, obsessively attempting to achieve perfectly sculpted brows. It’s really a lot of effort just for two hairy patches above our eyes.

But when you think about it, it makes sense. A pair of well-groomed brows do much more than just look good. Eyebrows frame the face and communicate emotions. Happy, sad, surprised, sexy… Eyebrows tell it all! Whether it’s full and luscious, or pencil thin and sleek, every beautician at heart knows the secret power of the brow.

Although after a while, regular eyebrow maintenance can get tiresome. All those hairs that you, or your beautician, expertly plucked begin to stubbornly reappear only days later. Surely there is a better and lasting way to keep your eyebrows in shape?

Introducing: Laser Hair Removal. From getting rid of that unibrow forever, to keeping stray hairs in check, people are discovering their best eyebrows yet.

Looking for perfect brows? Contact MySkin Clinics today.

What is it laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal for eyebrows is the perfect hair removal solution for anyone who wants to keep perfectly sculpted eyebrows, permanently. It’s about making constant plucking and shaping a thing of the past.

Laser hair removal uses a focused laser light, which is operated by a trained laser technician. The laser light is set at a wavelength which targets the dark melanin in hair, but not the skin.

This concentrated laser destroys the hair root which prevents future hair growth.


What are the risks?

Going with a cheap laser hair clinic runs the risk of putting yourself in the hands of an under-qualified technician operating a poor quality machine.

A laser is a potential danger when used incorrectly and this risk is increased around a sensitive areas such as the eyes. Not to mention, a botched job will leave you with permanently wonky eyebrows!

At MySkin Clinics all of our Laser Technicians are Diploma Qualified Beauty Therapists, Dermal Therapists or Nurses, and are all current Laser Safety Officers. Our clinicians are also manufacturer certified, and go through extensive practical-based training.

When it comes to your face, you should only trust the very best.

Expect the best with MySkin Clinics

At MySkin Clinics, we want people to look and feel their best. Our approach combines the latest in laser technology, with the best standards in staff training and an eye for beauty.

Other Melbourne clinics will often use a single machine to provide a variety of services. However, different lasers should be used for different purposes and skin types.

At MySkin Melbourne, we have invested in the right lasers for every skin and hair type, not to mention our very competitive prices.

Drop the tweezers and pick up the phone. Talk to a laser specialist to book a FREE consultation.

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