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How to treat dry, cracked hands in winter

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 17 June 2021

The only flakes we like are chocolate!

Are you suffering from dry, cracked, flaky hands? Dry hands are extremely common, and now with the new wave of hygiene and sanitiser, our hands are taking longer than ever to recover. Fear not! We’ve listed the tops tips, tricks and products to help you keep your hands as soft as they once were.

1. Avoid hot water when washing and always moisturise afterwards

Very hot water strips the skin of its natural oils far easier than warm or tepid water. Moisturising whilst the skin is still damp creates a ‘barrier’ that helps to lock in your natural oils as well as the topical water absorbed during washing. Be sure to have a hand lotion, such as Jane Iredale’s HandDrink Hand Cream next to your hand wash to moisturise after each rinse.

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2. Maximise repair whilst you’re asleep


Did you know night creams aren’t just for your face?

Lather on a luxuriously moisturising night cream such as Cosmedix Humidifying Moisture Cream to boost hydration and the integrity of the skin’s barrier function to help protect against dehydration. With nightly use, your hands will look and feel smoother, softer and firmer.

  • Rough skin texture is reduced by 36% compared to traditional hydrators
  • Skin hydration is improved by 42% after 15 days of continuous use
  • Wrinkles appear smoother in just 30 minutes

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3. Be selective with your sanitisers and soaps

Many ‘cleansing’ products contain high levels of alcohol. Although alcohol is well known for its properties in killing bacteria, it is very harsh and drying to the skin. When possible, use mild, fragrance free cleansers to wash your hands, which are far more gentle than sanitising foams, and are just as effective when suing proper hand washing techniques.

If your hands are painful, dry, cracked or bleeding and are not responding to these measures, then book a consultation with one of our expert Skin Therapists at MySkin Clinics to find out how we can help you on a deeper level.


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