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Laser Hair Removal for the Upper Lip

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2020

For many women, a fuzzy upper lip is an annoyance. Hair on the upper lip can often be cause for embarrassment and frustration, which is why many choose to remove this unwanted hair.

There are plenty of methods out there for removing upper lip hair, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Plucking and waxing removes hair at the root, but it can be a tedious task, not to mention painful. Depilatory and hair removal creams dissolve hairs, but only on the surface and the chemicals tend to cause irritation to the skin.

Despite the differences, all these methods have one thing in common: they are not a permanent hair removal solution. It might only take a few days before the unsightly hairs have reemerged.

That’s why more and more people are discovering laser hair removal as a method of removing upper lip hairs. Not only is it permanent, it’s no more painful than plucking or waxing.

Sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out if laser hair removal is for you.

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How does it work?

Laser hair removal is fast becoming a popular choice for removing unwanted hair from the upper lip as well as the underarmslegs and bikini line.

It works by focusing laser light on the desired area. The laser is set at a specific wavelength and targets the pigment in hair whilst avoiding the pigment in skin. The laser travels down to the hair root, destroying the hair and preventing further hair regrowth.

The overall effectiveness of laser hair removal depends on your skin tone as well as the colour and thickness of the hair to be removed. There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach so it’s important to consult a laser hair removal specialist first.

Are there any risks?

Laser hair removal is completely safe when undertaken by a professional using quality equipment.

At MySkin Clinics, our equipment is world class and can work with a variety of skin tones and hair colours. Our highly trained Laser Technicians are Qualified Beauty Therapists, Dermal Therapists or Nurses. Our clinicians are also manufacturer certified and go through extensive practical-based training.

How common is upper lip laser hair removal?

As the benefits of laser hair removal become more widely known, more and more people are choosing it as a way to permanently remove unwanted hair, including the upper lip.

Laser hair removal for the upper lip is one of the most common areas we perform at MySkin. The small surface area means that each session takes little time – about 10 minutes – and is no more painful than a trip to the waxing salon.

How do I choose a laser hair removal clinic?

Although laser hair removal is safe, a laser used incorrectly can be potentially dangerous. When looking out for a clinic, be sure to check that technicians are highly trained in using laser equipment.

At MySkin Clinics our technology is state-of-the-art and works with a broad spectrum of skin tones, hair colours and thicknesses.

Our medical grade machines, operated by highly qualified, professional and understanding technicians ensure that we deliver great results. We make sure that moustache will be a thing of the past.

Book in a FREE consultation with our skin professionals. Contact Myskin today.

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