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Which Skin Type is Suitable for Laser Hair Removal?

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2020

As the infinite benefits of Laser Hair Removal are becoming more widely-known, it is fast becoming the preferred hair-removal method for a greater number of people. And fair enough!

However, people with darker skin are often reluctant to give laser treatment a try. This is presumably because they have heard that it is only effective on light skin, meaning that it would be a waste of both time and money for them. While this was a fair assumption in the past, laser technologies are becoming better all the time. These days, Laser Hair Removal can be considered a superior alternative to shaving and waxing for people with all types of skin.

The Different Types of Skin

As far as laser treatment is concerned, there are six different types of skin. It is up to you yourself to place your skin into one of these categories, since the skin types depend largely on sensitivity to the sun – and no one knows better than you how easily you sunburn! ‘Laser Hair Removal can be extremely effective on darker skin if you have the right laser for the job’, and guess what, at MySkin Clinics we do.

Before coming in for your Laser Hair Removal sessions, it is beneficial to give some thought to which type of skin you have:

Skin Type I

Extremely pale, Caucasian skin that is highly sensitive to sun exposure and burns easily. Usually associated with Scandinavian or other Northern European countries.

Skin Type II

Fair, usually Caucasian. Very sensitive to sunburn and tans minimally. Usually associated with European descent, such as English or German.


Skin Type III

Moderately fair skin associated with Caucasian and Mediterranean descent. Sun sensitive, burns sometimes, but tans to light brown. Examples include lighter-skinned Italians and Greeks.

Skin Type IV

Medium-fair skin associated with Asian or Middle-Eastern descent as well as Hispanics. Burns minimally and always tans to brown.

Skin Type V

Olive or medium dark skin associated with lighter-skinned Northern Africans or African Americans. Rarely burns; minimal sun sensitivity.

Skin Type VI

Deeply pigmented dark skin that shows minimal sun sensitivity and never burns. Usually associated with African descent.

In the past, laser treatment was only recommended for people with skin types I – IV at the highest. But thanks to advances in technology, Laser Hair Removal can now be effective for all types of skin.

Its effectiveness on darker skin types, however, is still very much dependent on the quality of the laser being used.


The Different Types of Lasers

Not all lasers are created equal. In the world of Laser Hair Removal, there are a variety of lasers available to clinics, with different types of lasers effective on different types of skin. While the more basic laser machines will typically be effective only on those with the ‘ideal’ skin tone / hair colour combination (light skin with thick, dark hair), the better lasers out there will produce effective results for most skin types.

Not all Laser Clinics have the right technology to perform effective laser treatment on people with certain skin tone / hair colour / hair thickness combinations. However, Laser Hair Removal can be extremely effective on darker skin if you have the right laser for the job, which, we do.

MySkin Clinics have invested heavily in the best medical-grade laser technology so that we can assist everyone who walks through our doors. So even if you think that laser treatment couldn’t possibly work for you, it’s at least worth coming in for a free consultation.

candela gentlelase pro laser system


While in the past it was a fair assumption that Laser Hair Removal would only work for people with certain skin types, today that is not necessarily true. What is a fair assumption, however, is that people with a dark skin / light hair combination might have to be more selective in choosing their laser clinic. While laser technology is now advanced enough to offer an effective hair removal treatment to everyone, not all laser clinics have invested in this new technology. If you are inclined to think you have skin type V or VI, then MySkin is one of those laser clinics that could provide you with effective hair removal. Our investment in medical-grade laser technology has allowed us to perform effective laser treatment on people with all types of skin.

To organise a free consultation or begin your lifetime of beach readiness, contact MySkin.

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