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Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2020

You’re out and about, having drinks down at your favourite bar. The music is loud and the place is packed. You see your best friend enter the room, looking lost and wandering aimlessly.

You stick your hands in the air and start waving them around frantically, trying to catch their attention. A few seconds pass before you remember: underarms! Everyone around you has a front row seat to your dark, patchy armpits.

Hoping no one noticed, you stick your arms firmly by your side for the remainder of the evening. Your mental checklist is topped by one priority for when you get home – get rid of that pesky underarm hair!

Have considered getting laser hair removal for your underarms? Certainly, it will eliminate the hassle and tedium of regular underarm shaving, but is it worthwhile?

We put your questions about underarm laser hair removal under the spotlight to see if it’s a good fit for you.

If you’re looking for a professional underarm laser hair removal clinic, contact MySkin Clinics today.


What is underarm laser hair removal?

If you’re in the very beginnings of your research into underarm laser hair removal, then let’s start with the basics: what is it?

Laser hair removal works by focusing a laser pulse directly to underarm hair. The laser light is set at a specific wavelength, so it will target the dark melanin in the hair but will not target the skin. The laser light travels to the root of the hair to the follicle, preventing future hair growth.

The effectiveness of laser skin removal depends on the colour and thickness of the hair, as well as your skin tone. A ‘one size all’ approach will not work with underarm laser hair removal, so it’s important to consult a laser hair removal specialist first.

Underarm laser hair removal is one of the most common laser hair removal procedures we perform.

How common is underarm laser hair removal?

The hassle of constant shaving of underarm hair is a common annoyance for women of all ages. Though it’s tempting to throw out the razor and do away with the hassle altogether, many women still persist. Having smooth underarms not only looks great, but it makes it easier to apply deodorant and feel fresh.

At MySkin Clinics, underarm laser hair removal is one of the most common laser hair removal procedures we perform. Underarm laser hair removal does away with the underarm shave, whilst still being able to have smooth and hair-free underarms.

It is a relativity straight forward procedure due to the small surface area of the underarm. A session can take as little as 10 minutes, though multiple sessions may be required to ensure that all new hair growth has been eliminated.

Why choose MySkin?

At MySkin we use international best practice equipment for laser hair removal. Our state of the art procedure ensures we provide a safe and quality service to all our clients, whatever their needs, hair colour or skin tones.

Many Melbourne clinics use a single machine to provide a variety of services – despite the fact that different lasers should be used for different purposes and skin types. At MySkin Melbourne, we have invested in the right lasers for every skin and hair type.

We go the extra mile. Every treatment begins with a free consultation and ends with satisfaction guaranteed.

Dump the razor. Call MySkin today and ask about underarm laser hair removal.

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