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Will Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal?

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2020

With multiple laser hair removal sessions at a quality clinic, you’ll see a permanent reduction in hair.

Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to achieve a permanent reduction of hair. However, the extent of hair removal, and the number of required sessions to achieve the desired results, will vary from person to person.

Put simply, there is no ‘one-sized fits all’ for laser hair removal.

There are a number of factors which may influence the effectiveness of laser hair removal, including your skin tone, hair growth phase, hair colour, laser technology and the skill of the clinician. Although these factors may influence laser hair removal, if you choose a high-quality clinic with the latest technology and staff training, laser hair removal is still one of the most effective ways to permanently reduce hair.

To schedule a free consultation with a laser hair removal specialist, get in touch with the MySkin team on today.


How does laser hair removal work?

To understand why multiple sessions are required to achieve permanent results, you need to understand how laser hair removal works. Here, we will quickly explain the science behind laser hair removal.

With the use of advanced laser technology, a laser therapist applies a focused pulse of laser light to the area you want to have hair removed. This light is set at a specific wavelength and will only target the darker melanin in the hair whilst avoiding the pigment in the skin. As the laser is absorbed by the hair, it travels into the hair follicle. The laser has the effect of destroying the hair root so no new hair will grow from the follicle.

However, the laser can only target established hair, and older laser technology may be ineffectual with darker skin tones or light, fine hair. That’s why multiple sessions at a highly experienced and qualified laser hair removal specialist is required in order to experience the best possible results.


What affects laser hair removal?
Stages of hair growth

Hair grows in cycles, typically experiencing renewed growth every 4-6 weeks depending on the body part. During these cycles, each of the individual hairs on your body will pass through three distinct phases:

  • Anagen phase
  • Catagen phase
  • Telogen phase.

Laser hair removal is only effective during only one of these three phases: the Anagen phase. The good news is that approximately 75% of the hairs on your body will be in their Anagen phase of growth, as this is the longest cycle.

Since not every hair can be targeted, you will notice that some hair will continue to regrow a few weeks after your first session. With each subsequent session, however, more and more hair is targeted at the Anagen phase, contributing to overall hair reduction and smooth, soft skin.


Skin tone & hair colour

Traditionally, laser hair removal was only effective for a select range of skin tones and hair colours. This was because older laser hair removal technology could only effectively target hair which was in sharp colour contrast to skin pigment, such as dark hair on light skin.

This shortcoming of laser hair removal meant it wasn’t a very common or accessible hair removal option and, to this day, many people are still reluctant to try laser hair removal as a result.

These days, however, advancements in technology means that laser hair removal is now more accessible than ever. Specialist laser technology means that hair can be targeted and eliminated, no matter your hair colour or skin tone.


Laser technology and staff training

So, if you’re looking for the best results from laser hair removal, then the laser technology matters! Finding a clinic that has invested in premium grade laser technology and comprehensive staff training should be amongst your list of priorities when you are researching the right laser hair clinic for you.

We can’t speak for other clinics – but at MySkin, we can assure our potential customers that we only invest in the best available laser technologies. For example, our Candela GentleLASE Pro system is able to treat a broader range of skin types than most other hair removal lasers.

Our laser technologies are always in safe hands too. MySkin technicians are highly-trained and fully-qualified professionals, with a keen eye and steady hand. This means that not only will they do a thorough job every session, they will ensure your safety and comfort – so you can sit back and day-dream of your hair-free life ahead.


Speak to a skin specialist to achieve great laser hair removal results.

There are a number of unique personal factors that can affect laser hair removal, hair regrowth and the required number of sessions. The key to remember is that laser hair removal is a permanent reduction in hair, and that the effectiveness of the process is largely influenced by the quality of the laser hair removal clinic.

If you can, try and meet with your chosen laser hair removal clinic before you begin any laser hair removal sessions.

At MySkin Clinics, we offer free consultations to all our new clients. This way you can get to know us, and we will also get to know you and what results you are hoping to achieve. By the end of your consultation, you should be fully aware of what to expect from the treatment, and your expectations should match up with the likely outcome.

So, to start your journey to a life of smooth, hair-free skin, schedule a consultation with one of our skin specialists today on.

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