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Your Beauty Routine In Your 30’s

Posted by MySkin Clinics, 18 March 2020

You’ve probably been diligently following your beauty regime since your 20s (or even your teens if you’re particularly clever or had an insistent mother). Go you. But once you hit your 30s, those same old products you’ve been using for the past decade just aren’t going to give you the results you’ve come to expect.

See while getting older has a lot of benefits, they don’t always show up on your face. The structure of your skin changes as you age. During your teens and 20s your skin was all tight and smooth and bright. And although a breakout or two appeared to mess with your perfect complexion (and your mind), you probably didn’t have to do much with your beauty regime.

But now in your 30s, the collagen and elastin in your skin (you know, all those things that give you that bouncy, plump skin and that allows you to still look fresh-faced after a night of drinking) have stopped working so hard. So you start to notice wrinkles, and perhaps your skin is a little less bright and a little more blotchy.

If this is you, read on. We’ve pulled together the most important things you should be doing for your skin in your 30s.


Revisit how you wash your face

Those foamy cleansers you loved (and were aggressively marketed) in your teens are doing you no favours now. As well as stripping away your makeup, they also have a nasty habit of stripping away the protective layer of skin, leaving you dry and prone to breakouts and flaky skin.

No, once you hit your 30s it’s time to switch to something more gentle. Oil or gel cleansers are far more effective than their foamy cousins and will leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh. And for extra cleansing after a big day or fancy night out, use a cleansing oil before your regular cleanser to remove all that grime and makeup first.

Also, stop with the scrubbing already. Gentle circles, focusing on your T-zone and nix the scratchy face cloth. Treat your face like the gorgeous peach it is.


Add in a treatment serum

Your cleansing-toning-moisturising routine is a great first start, but none of that actually treats specific skin concerns that start to show themselves in your 30s.

Add in a treatment serum (or two) to your daily beauty regime to target hydration, ageing, pigmentation or to just give you an all-round treatment for gorgeous skin.

And while you’re at it, treat yourself decent skin care products. These don’t have to be expensive, but you want products that contain antioxidants, AHAs, niacinamide (that’s vitamin B3), hyaluronic acid and retinol (unless you’re pregnant or breastfeeding). These ingredients boost cell renewal, brighten the skin and boost hydration far better than your standard products found in the supermarket.

If you’re not sure what to look for (or you want to maximise results but don’t have a lot of money to splash around), get yourself to a specialist skincare clinic. Your consultant will be able to advise on the specific products you need for your skin concerns and will be able to recommend a regime that will give you the results you want, while keeping in mind your budget.

(Because who other than Gwyneth Paltrow can afford to spend $12,000 a month on beauty treatments?!)


Get real with the SPF

Yes you get told this in every beauty/skincare post (for good reason). But if you’re not already applying sunscreen daily, then you really, really should. No amount of fancy skin cream can combat sun-induced sagging or melanoma.

And not just on your face and neck. Your hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging, so make sure you apply sunscreen on your mitts too.


Now’s the time for grown up skin treatments

If good genes have blessed you with largely clear, acne-free skin then it’s likely you haven’t had cause to visit a dermatologist or skin care expert during your life (save for those occasional relaxation facials when you’re on holiday).

Now you’re in your 30s your skin concerns should be considered medical, rather than just cosmetic. Because what you do during these years will make a difference to how your skin looks in the decades to come.

A combination of preventative treatments in the clinic and serums at home to target specific concerns will give you glowing and healthy skin now, and keep it that way for longer. A nurse or aesthetician who is experienced in skincare can advise you on the best combination of treatments and products.

MySkin Clinics offer complimentary consultations for all our treatments, as well as provide a range of specialised at-home skincare and makeup products. Phone us today to arrange your free consultation and get your personalised treatment plan.

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