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Gritty Pretty Magazine | Ask an Expert

Posted by Kudzai Mupfunya, 21 June 2022

Ask an Expert

Q. I’ve been wanting to jump onto the laser hair removal bandwagon, will it cause pigmentation on my brown skin? A. Skin Expert: Paige Primavera – Clinic Manager at MySkin Clinics Forest Hill

“At MySkin Clinics, we use the latest Medical Grade Candela Laser Technology which are the strongest lasers on the market. The laser energy is attracted to the pigment in your hair not your skin which means you will have minimal downtime and we can protect your skin while destroying the hair follicles. In saying this, laser does cause some heat to the surrounding skin so darker Fitzpatrick skinned clients that are prone to hyperpigmentation will need to use a specific laser we call Gentle YAG.” Read more

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