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What causes Pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation occurs when our body produces too much melanin (the natural pigments found in most living organisms) due to factors such as sun damage, hormonal changes, ageing or medication.

How does Laser Pigmentation Removal work?

MySkin Clinic’s Laser Pigmentation Removal treatments effectively and precisely target and erase hyperpigmentation damage including freckles, dark spots or blotches, while leaving normal skin unaffected.

Our medical grade laser with melanin-sensing technology, safely targets dark pigmented spots while not affecting the lighter, normal skin. The laser releases an intense burst of light to target the pigmented lesions, converting the light into heat to destroy the damaged pigmentation cells.

The laser simultaneously stimulates collagen production enhancing the new skin, leaving skin appearance smoother, clearer and rejuvenated.

Book a complimentary skin consultation at your nearest MySkin Clinic.
* Clients may be required to use a Pigment Blocker prior to commencing or following treatment depending on skin type and skin tone. We recommend booking a complimentary skin consultation prior to commencing treatment to determine if you are the right candidate for the treatment.

  • If you have a tan treatment may have to be postponed, therefore avoid all skin tanning activities including driving and/or tanning products for at least two to four weeks prior to treatment. During this period use an SPF30+ sunscreen applied hourly if you are exposed.
  • Do not pluck, bleach or wax areas to be treated for at least two weeks prior to treatment.
  • Do not use Retin-A for two weeks or Roaccutane for at least six months prior to treatment.
  • Apply Aspect Dr’s REDLESS or Environ Body Oil twice a day for five to seven days to treated areas.
  • For after care of the face, MySkin Clinics recommend the Post Care Kit, Aspect Redless 21 or Environ Intensive Antioxidant Gel twice daily for three days.
  • Any occurring redness is a natural response which normally reduces as the skin returns to normal within a few hours or up to two days. While the skin appears red do not indulge in activities causing perspiration, use swimming pools or spas, take hot showers, or rub wet skin dry. Patting the skin dry following gentle, lukewarm showers using unscented cleansing products and application of recommended post care products will improve recovery time.
  • Blistering or swelling is unusual and should be reported immediately while simultaneously applying MySkin Post Laser Soothing Gel. Avoid touching or picking at affected areas as this increases the possibility of infection.

Book a complimentary skin consultation at your nearest MySkin Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Laser Pigmentation Removal?

Treatment benefits people with uneven pigmentation, age spots, freckles and sun damaged skin. Final results and number of treatments required are dependent upon skin type. Clients with lighter skin tone normally achieve faster results. Darker skin tones may require a lower frequency light wave and require more sessions to achieve the best results. Tanned clients must wait until their tans have faded before undergoing treatment.

How is Laser Pigmentation Removal performed?

MySkin Clinics uses medical grade lasers that operate by using an intense burst of light to target the pigmented lesions, while leaving normal surrounding skin unaffected. Spots gradually fade after each treatment, as a result of new collagen formation at the treated site, leaving skin tone more even, refreshed and rejuvenated.

What areas can be treated?

The commonly treated areas include those most frequently exposed to sunlight. For example, the face, neck, décolletage, shoulders and hands.

What results can I expect?

At MySkin Clinics, we suggest between four to six treatments. For most clients, this produces a 70% improvement in pigment appearance.

How long will treatments take?

Treatment times vary between 15-30 minutes depending upon the type of pigmentation and size of the area being treated. For optimum results MySkin Clinics suggest four to six treatments which produces a 70% improvement for most clients.

Are there any side effects following treatment?

Side effects of laser pigmentation reduction are mild. Slight redness and/or crusting may occur following treatment. This effect generally subsides within 24 hours when appropriate after care treatment is followed.

Laser Pigmentation Removal Results

Immediately after your Laser Pigmentation Removal treatment, you may see some light redness around the treatment area.You may also notice the pigmentation spot darkening over a few days – this is because the darker cells are drawn to the surface and over several days fade, dry and/or fall off.

Generally the pigment will instinctively shed within 7-14 days, guided by your personal rate of cell turnover.

Book a complimentary skin consultation at your nearest MySkin Clinic to learn more.

Recommended Products

We recommend the following products to maintain the best results of your treatment:

Envirostat Dry Touch SPF50

Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus 

Environ Skin EssentiA AVST 1

Cosmedix Simply Brilliant


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